Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Australian Style

Australian fashion reflects a vibrant, creative nation, rich in colour and fresh, exuberant style. The three main settings of Australian life—the bush, the cities and the beaches—and the country’s principally hot and dry climate have influenced who Australians are and therefore what they wear. Australian fashion labels are now sought after around the world.
Australia’s fashion industry has grown around the relaxed, casual demeanour of the people it designs for, as well as their love of outdoors living. But it also reflects the sophisticated, cosmopolitan and multicultural nature of Australian society. Most Australians are comfortable in T-shirts and foot thongs (flip-flops) one minute and appreciative of innovative high fashion the next. The bold colours of sunny Australian beaches and the starkly contrasting hues of the country’s central desert landscapes are captured in Australia’s fashion palette. And the rigours of the elements in which Australians live have often determined the choice of cloth used by designers. Colour and fabric have contributed greatly to an Australian sense of fashion, in cut and garment types.

Sydney City

The Harbour Bridge

Australian Bushland

Bondi Beach

Zimmermann Swim Collection 

 Vibrant Australian Fashions

How lucky are we to live in magnificent country !

Happy Australia Day !


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  1. Very true of Australian style, we are influenced by our beautiful surroundings.